Why are Nature Towns the best place for cohousing?

We offer the widest range of amenities due to the scale of our communities.

Food security through an on-site food hub.

This is the only development designed from the start to provide the majority of your food needs on-site: nuts, fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and eggs. The regenerative farm is a minimum of 240 acres.

Nature and Ecosystem Services

Nature Towns are designed for climate change resilience: Every homeowner also shares ownership of the green infrastructure that protects you and your loved ones against wildfire, flooding, and drought, while supporting wildlife and providing a cooler microclimate and plenty of recreational opportunities on the extensive trails and ponds.

Of the various projects we have participated in, yours had far more organization. Nature Towns has a clear path forward, movement and action steps. The wheels on Nature Towns aren’t spinning in place. They have real traction and momentum.

Jason Freshly Riverbend Remedies

Jason Freshly

A larger community that shares your values.

This is perhaps the only place where your cohousing group can live within a larger community of ~3000 people, in which everyone shares similar nurturing values: the desire to connect with neighbors, support a local economy, and protect the earth. The town is ideal for families with children and anyone who wishes to drive less and connect more with people around them

On-site Jobs

There will be hundreds of jobs in the community, from the farm to the 200 businesses owned and operated by residents. These will provide, among other things, farm internships for young people interested in active outdoor careers, as well as part-time and full-time jobs for residents
I look forward to being a part of the Nature Towns model as it goes out into the world. Nature Towns has that vision, unlike other projects that we have participated in. We see ourselves as being able to work together with Nature Towns as it evolves. There is a distinctive capacity in Nature Towns that we haven’t found elsewhere

Andrea Robago